Stone Tiger showcases the music of conscious reggae artists such as Admiral Tibet, Mikey General, Lehbanchuleh, Edi Fitzroy, and Terry Ganzie. These rootsy artists are favorites throughout the world and each truly “walks the walk” of the Rastaman.

  • Mikey General’s New Release “Exalt Jah” available
  • Congratulations to Jay Kloosterman from Michigan, Evan Reiffel from Illinois, Mary Biosic from Oregon for winning CDs in our Free CD Giveaway
  • We’re putting together our 2003 schedule for “Stone Tiger” featuring Admiral Tibet, Lehbanchuleh, Mikey General, Edi Fitzroy & Terry Ganzie
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  • What would you like to hear? We’re adding new tunes every day from these beloved artists and will be shortly adding a page for the Abyssinians as well. Admiral Tibet, Lehbanchuleh, Mikey General. Edi Fitzroy, Terry Ganzie
  • Are you a Football Fan?
    Morlon “Ultimate” Greenwood, an outside linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, is working with Courtney “Grand Police” Morgan, son of Derrick Morgan, the “King of Ska” in the production of an album featuring various artists that will include a combination with Terry Ganzie, the Original Outlaw, and Morlon Greenwood aka #52, tentatively titled “She Said.” “Skylines”, #52’s first single, was released late last year.
  • And speaking of Karl Pitterson
    Karl Pitterson, who as Jabulani Tafari said after an interview with Karl, “doesn’t have a big ego to feed, which is why he likes working incognito behind the scenes. As a result, even in the year 2001, Karl remains one of Reggae’s biggest secrets and one of the industry’s unsung heroes”.
  •  Edi Fitzroy has been offered a wonderful opportunity to be a part of “The Peter Tosh Tribute Album.” Pending label & lawyer approval, Edi will be recording Tosh’s “Burial,” “a wicked song fe true!”
  • Henry Karyo, who produces the Reggae Rock Series, will be producing the next album in the series, a reggae tribute to Eric Clapton to be entitled “I Shot the Sheriff” and is interested in retaining Admiral Tibet, Mikey General, Terry Ganzie, The Abyssinians, Lehbanchuleh, and Edi Fitzroy for the project. >>more
  • See the Bob Marley print issue of “Rootz, Reggae & Kulcha” for an article on Lehbanchuleh — not yet on the website but ‘soon come’
  • “Exalt Jah”, “Claim the Joy”, & “Determination” all playing at Jammin Reggae Virtual Radio
  • “Garnett and Me” by Lehbanchuleh, a brief insight into the creation of “Heed Jah Words” a single from”Claim the Joy”
  • New Release from Terry Ganzie– New York based Greystone Productions is a hungry, talented production house covering many genres of music
  • Freezer for the Jamaica National Children’s Home — Please spread the word as Sista Irie is spearheading the campaign to earn the rest of the necessary funds to purchase a freezer for the JNCH by April. More information is available here or by emailing Sista Irie at sisirie@io.com . “Children are God’s apostles, day by day. Sent forth to preach of love, and hope, and peace.”
    [James Russell Lowell]
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“There are two ways of being creative. One can sing and dance. Or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers flourish.”

— Warren G. Bennis

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