General Stone Tiger

Once upon a time, in Asia, there was a strong and brave General living with his mother. The General respected and devotedly took care of his mother.
One day, a misfortune came to the General’s mother — a tiger took her life. The General was heartbroken to lose his mother and furious with the tiger that had killed her.

He decided to find the tiger that had taken her life. He searched and searched, climbing mountains, and exploring the forests until finally, he saw the tiger that he sought. He aimed his arrow at the tiger; it embedded itself in the tiger’s side. When the General approached the tiger, he saw that it was actually a stone shaped like the tiger. But how could his arrow have broken through stone? Although the General tried, he could not pull the arrow out of the stone. The General’s strong mind (ichinen) and sheer determination had accomplished the seemingly impossible.

If our belief and faith is strong enough, we will always realize our dreams and accomplish anything that we set out to do.

We have been very blessed at Stone Tiger Entertainment Group by the artists that have chosen to work with us and through our joint determination, belief, and faith, we will embed our arrows through stone as well.

The story was modified from the original “General Stone Tiger” (Major Writings -gosho- of Nichiren Daishonin Vol.1 227pp).
“The mother of the mighty warrior General Li Kuang was devoured by a ferocious tiger. He spied the beast and shot it with an arrow, but then discovered that what he had seen was only a rock. The arrow lodged itself deep in the rock. He was surprised and tried to duplicate his feat but could not penetrate the stone a second time. Later he came to be known as General Stone Tiger.”

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