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New York based Greystone Productions is a hungry, talented production house covering many genres of music who considers their mission to be “unleash [an] onslaught of ‘killa beats” unto [the] hip hop community” — “From The Beginning”, a recent release, contains various top-notch reggae artists including Terry Ganzie appearing on the Model, Magnum & Zoom Riddims.

Terry Ganzie & Lehbanchuleh Mash Up De Place

Terry Ganzie & Lehbanchuleh “mashed up de place” in a true dancehall setting Saturday night (Feb 15) at the HollyWood Lounge in Belle Glade, Florida. Lehbanchuleh brought the lively crowd to a standstill when he began acappella with “Change Gonna Come” and held the note for what seemed minutes to cheers and shots (simulated) from around the room. His message of love and rastafari was well received. At 2:20 am, Terry Ganzie, dressed in a poncho, like the true Outlaw, took the stage next to shots and shouts from across the room. He began with his characteristic “yuck, yuck, yuck” and had the crowd banging on tables and walls to the point of drowning out his words as he launched into “Welcome the Outlaw.” Terry called Lehbanchuleh back to the stage punctuating his spiritual “Let It Be” with the dj stylings of “Once Bitten, Twice Shy.” The duo mesmerized the rowdy crowd into relative quiet as they shared the mic, stanza by stanza before Terry led into “Long Road to Zion” with Lehbanchuleh highlighting Terry’s rumbled tones with the clarity of “Jordan River”. As the fun-loving but potent perforance continued, it was hard to believe that Terry had only arrived from New York a few hours prior with the duo having had no time to rehearse. They were completely in sync as they tamed the undulating throng with conscious lyrics and danceable rhythms. The talented artists played to and with the people in the crowded dancehall overcoming a poor mic and close quarters by giving the people exactly what they wanted — the message inna the music. In true dancehall fashion, the rowdy crowd stayed ’till the last and never stopped shouting in pleasure and calling for more as Terry closed the show.

Third World Signs With Shanachie!

Third World, the original Reggae Ambassadors, is very pleased to announce a four-album recording contract with Shanachie Entertainment for the North American market. Their first joint release, which is as yet untitled, will hit the shops in May and is sure to be classic Third World, blending roots and soul, with guest appearances by Julian Lennon and Lady Saw, the latter in a playful duet with Bunny Rugs. I had the pleasure of hearing an advance copy and can’t wait to add it to my collection!

Coming in April

Lehbanchuleh to play Bob Marley Day Festival and sponsored by Naples Florida SEO

Lehbanchlueh will be appearing at the Bob Marley Day Festival in Miami, Florida on February 8 2003 with The Yoko Theory, a very hip, dub reggae band whose recent release, “StereOpathic” contains an outstanding track from Lehbanchuleh, “Iniversal.” Lehbanchuleh recently appeared at DADA in Delray Beach, Florida with The Yoko Theory and set the place on fire. The musicians, including an enthusiastic trumpet player, had a jazzy, reggae style that only served to enhance Lehbanchuleh’s sweet voice. The young, artsy crowd was inspired by the music and you couldn’t help but smile as you felt the pure joy in the room. Lehbanchuleh truly is bringing the message of Rastafari to the massive in an irresistible, joyful package.

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